The S-Network Global Gaming Index (WAGR) is published by S-Network Global Indexes LLC in partnership with Stowe Partners LLC.WAGR commenced real time index calculation in 2007 and was developed for the express purpose of benchmarking the performance of the global gaming industry. Stowe Partners LLC is a premier consulting and asset management firm and S-Network Global Indexes, LLC is a developer and publisher of indexes focused on global investment themes.

WAGR serves as an independent and unbiased source of primary information concerning the global gaming industry. Its composite index is supervised by an independent Index Committee, which includes individuals with long-term domestic and international experience related to the gaming industry. WAGR is calculated and maintained by S+P Custom Indexes, a business unit of Standard + Poors.

S-Network Global Indexes LLC is committed to the integrity of its indexes and the data and information related to them. As a consequence, all index methodologies are transparent and rules based. Their compilation is almost entirely non-discretionary and the independent Index Committee assures arms-length impartiality. S-Network Global Indexes, LLC has created what we believe to be the most accurate indicator of industry performance available today.