Casino City Times

Casino City Times maintains comprehensive news feeds covering gaming industry news from around the world.

Gaming Floor

Focused primarily at management and employees in the gaming industry, the site provides easy access to worldwide casino related information.

The Gaming Studies Collection

The Gaming Collection is the world's premier research repository of information relating to gambling and commercial gaming. Because of the global scope of today's gaming industry, the collection embraces not only Las Vegas and Nevada gaming, but gambling throughout the world.

Casino Gambling Web

Casino Gambling Web is an online information source covering the gaming industry, broken up into 5 broad areas. The first area of news covers issues concerning brick and mortar casinos like those found in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and the Gulf Coast Region. The second area of gambling news covers the Internet Casino community. Casino Gambling Web has reporters who cover the international poker community and also the world of sports gambling. And finally, the online publication covers news about the law when it effects any part of the gambling community such legal news includes laws emanating from U.S. Federal and State levels.

North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries

The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) assembles extensive information on problem gambling and gambling research as well as material on lotteries.

International Association of Gaming Regulators

Publishers of Water Technology® Magazine and WaterTech e-News Daily™. The site and publications were developed for professionals in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment.

Lottery Insider

Lottery Insider offers complete information on lottery, online gaming, bingo, and gaming news. Lottery links, statistics, and more are featured here.


Access to articles on casinos and gaming links to sites featuring information on wagering, game probability and the mathematics of gaming and useful Excel spreadsheets to assist in analyzing gaming operations.

European Association for the Study of Gambling

The European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG) provides a forum for the systematic study, discussion and dissemination of knowledge about all matters relating to the study of gambling in Europe and promotes the comparative study of:

  • Historical, economical, mathematical, social and psychological aspects of gambling
  • Development, execution and evaluation of the regulation of gambling
  • Ethical marketing and management of gambling opportunities
  • Understanding of the development of pathological gambling and the provision of prevention and treatment programs